UW’s Chris Petersen on Brayden Lenius, Austin Joyner, new locker room and more

Petersen on Lenius’ big day Thursday: “I’ve been waiting for that for a long time.”

Here’s everything UW coach Chris Petersen said after Friday’s practice at Husky Stadium:

(Going to Bothell for Wednesday’s practice) “I don’t know why it is when we seem to go out there, it seems to be a little bit hotter. We have no music, no nothing, no people – it is just stale. And it is a really good environment for those guys to have to bring their own energy, and power through some things. We did a little bit of scrimmage in. It was good, it was really good, hard work. I think we got some good work out of it.”

(Hitting wall in fall camp) “I think there can be that, but I also think they have to push through it. That is part of this thing. There are going to be hard things in football that we have to be able to push through. There is no question, we are practicing a lot – a lot of consecutive days. We are asking a lot out of them. There is going to be a little bit of wall. That is what we are waiting for as coaches is to see how they respond to that.”

(Offense good Thursday, defense comes back Friday) “I thought at Bothell toward the end of practice, our offense responded really well. And yesterday, our receivers made some plays. And today, I thought our DBs showed up and made some plays, So it is that back and forth. As the head coach, it is very frustrating. I am always mad because someone is not right. Today, toward the end, the offense was not right, and that can be frustrating.”

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(Offensive line update) “You’ve got to play football. That is why we practice. Nobody picks up where they left off – not from spring ball and not certainly from last year. We are making some good strides there. I think those guys who have played a lot are pretty solid, and pretty consistent. We need to be extremely consistent. We have those guys in, and that is the issue. The great teams are very consistent.”

(on young offensive linemen) “I don’t think a week and a half we thought that Nick Harris was going to play for us (last year). I really don’t. It was probably a few weeks in when Coach Strausser and I kind of same day, he had him in there running a little bit higher on the depth chart, and I kind of looked at it and said, ‘Yeah, I am seeing that, too.’ So we’ll see. We keep putting plays on them. And that bogs them down, too. Not only…

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