UW coach Chris Petersen: ‘Stats are for losers’

Oregon State ranks 127th out of 130 FBS teams in scoring defense. Chris Petersen says he doesn’t pay attention to that.

No. 6 Washington (4-0, 1-0 Pac-12) plays at Oregon State (1-3, 0-1) on Saturday night (5 p.m., Pac-12 Networks). Oregon State ranks 127th out of 130 FBS teams in scoring defense, allowing 47.5 points per game.

To which UW coach Chris Petersen shrugs.

“I mean this with no disrespect, but we always say this: Stats are for losers,” Petersen said Thursday. “We don’t pay attention to the stats. We look at the film, we study what a team does good, what’s going to give us problems, how a team is playing at their best — and that’s what we pay our attention to.

“You can make stats work however you want. We talk about the turnover battle ad nauseum around here. But that’s still game by game: ‘Oh, we’re leading the country in turnovers.’ We did that a lot last year. We ended up being No. 1. (But) the games we lost we lost the turnover battle. So that’s why they are a slight indication of things, but we don’t get hung up on that.

“I think Oregon State plays really hard; I think that they’re well-coached. I know they’re frustrated, which is a problem for us.”

More from Petersen on Thursday:

(On how things change when school gets going) An hour earlier. We kind of move everything up an hour earlier, so they can get out of here and get to class. Everything is a little bit tighter. There is no time to take a leisurely shower or hang out on the practice field – for most guys. And so it does, it tightens up. There is a lot of other things that tighten up, and you start to feel this is a couple of weeks: Probably the first thing is sleep. If the guys don’t really get organized (with sleep), and stay on top of this, that is one of the key ingredients, in my opinion, of really being able to practice hard and stay fresh in this long season.

(Do you pay particular interest in the young guys as they adjust?) Well, it is in our blood. That is who we are, and what we talk about. I meet with our first- and our second-year players once a week. It has nothing to do with football. (We talk about) everything, and anything besides football – about being a great student and what the requirements are. We talk about drugs and alcohol. We talk about women. We talk about all the important things in life, in terms of how to operate. We talk about our culture and what we are all about in…

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