UW coach Chris Petersen says expect the unexpected in season openers

UW coach Chris Petersen is 8-3 in season openers, including 2-1 with the Huskies. All of his defeats, including when he coached at Boise State, have been on the road. Washington plays at Rutgers on Friday.

Huskies coach Chris Petersen met with the media for about 10 minutes in his final press conference before No. 8 Washington’s season opener at Rutgers on Friday. Here’s everything he had to say following Wednesday’s practice.

(How would you characterize the mood of the team? Anxiety? Excited?) “I think so. All of the above. Ready to play. It’s hard to know for the first game at the time. I think they’re ready.”

(Players say they’re ready to hit somebody other than their teammates, but are you ready to scheme for another opponent?) “Well, this is a hard team to scheme for. We don’t know exactly what we’re going to get. But we’ve been working on a lot of our stuff or a long, long time now so it’s time to go put it work.”

(What are the things you can’t plan for in openers?) “All of those types of things for sure. When the live bullets are flying and it’s physical every single play, things happen that you haven’t seen in a long time. And those are the things. You plan and prepare for the unexpected. That’s part of the first game. You can’t tell them exactly what’s going to happen, but we know unexpected things will. You better adapt and adjust.”

(Thinking you may have to use more players than normal?) “Well, we like to use a lot of players anyway. I think that’s a little bit of our style and I think you’ll see a lot of guys in there. Some of the guys will be getting their feet wet for the first time, but I think these guys work for a long time so it’s exciting to get them out there. I know they’re excited to be out there.”

(Talk about it being an away game) “Away games are great in their own right. There’s no place like home for sure, but for us to get to go across the country, to see a part of the country that most guys have not seen. To be in a a stadium that’s really in that area historic in terms of the first college football game ever being played back there. All of those types of things. That’s what this thing is all about. To appreciate the great opportunity that we have to be able to go to different venues and experience that.”

(Could substitutions be a problem for the new secondary) “We work on that all the time. I think about the…

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