Using Prepaid Phone Cards, Send a Fax or Dial-Up Internet Service Provider

The use of prepaid phone cards, created over the years. In the past they were used to invite people to a mobile, landline or payphone use. But today, they can be used in a number of other services, such as sending faxes and connect to the Internet.

Because of these additional services, more and more people connect using prepaid phone cards. Learn how to send fax messages and connect to the Internet through simple steps listed below.

When sending a fax during pre-paid phone cards

Sending a fax is as easy as an international call. You just have to turn on the speakerphone or lift the handset to start sending the fax. You will start dialing the area code and follow the instructions written on the card. Since different instructions for different cards, you have to follow any directions indicated on your card.

Most prepaid phone cards to teach, enter the PIN code, then press the START button to start sending a fax. Using prepaid phone cards to send fax messages, cheaper to use. That’s why many people use these cards fax communication purposes.

Connecting to the Internet using prepaid phone cards

Those who choose the Internet dial-up services, take advantage of prepaid phone cards. There are actually several brands of cards in each country. One of them has to choose the fastest and most reliable prepaid phone cards faster and easier access to the Internet.

For those who are using Windows Dial Up Networking, you can easily create your own modem work on a new connection, and then the ISP services. You must enter a user name and password after that. For convenience reasons, you can save a lot of information about the password to connect to the Internet faster.

If you can not connect to the Internet using a card, then you might have consumed your credits. Just use the “Edit” tab, you can complete the new user name and password. Remember that you need to have a local line to benefit from the prepaid phone card. Local loop is different in each country. So, you should see your card back label and choose which of these numbers should be in your area.

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