Using broadband phone & digital TV to stream your favourite shows straight into your living room.

Gone are the days of ‘buffering’ and watching low quality video on a tiny screen.  With a suitable broadband phone & digital TV  combination anyone can now relax on the sofa while their favourite shows entertain them on the television.  This trend has become the norm now with over 153 million shows being watched on the BBC iplayer by Britons alone.

However sometimes this pursuit can be challenging.  The physical process of setting up the television with the broadband and laptop equipment can be quite confusing not to mention finding the appropriate sites to navigate towards.  This article should guide you into this venture with ease.

To begin with here are many interactive websites from which you can now download and watch TV programmes online directly from a particular television station. BBC’s iPlayer and Channel 4’s 4oD are highly ranked among viewers due to their regular content update and broad spectrum of entertainment. ITV and Sky Broadband also offer similar services allowing you to watch their programmes online, whenever you want with very little restrictions.

However often there are particular shows that these television networks do not have the rights to.  In this case there are multiple websites which culimnate links to stream or download the show you are after.  By testing these links it is very easy for the viewer to become familiar with the hosts that perform the most efficiently allowing them to become regular consumers of this service.  Films can also be legally streamed and downloaded on sites such as SkyAnytime, Netflix and iTunes. 

Once the desired video has been chosen, the next step is to use a HTMI cable to connect the computer to the television.  Once a cable has been picked up in any reputable computer shop, the straight forward process of hooking up will only take moments.  Alternatively with some games consoles, such as a PlayStation, one can connect directly to the internet and navigate towards the associated websites.

If you find that this process is slow or slowing down it might be worth downloading overnight. Traffic shaping, which slows down your connection and therefore your downloads, is applied by many broadband providers during peak hours.  It is fine to leave your computer running overnight as long as your laptop is in good condition.  If you are worried about overloading it or the fans becoming overworked then restart the computer once the download is finished before watching the film and/ or…

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