Uses and Benefits of Garmin 405

Garmin has been a leader in the information technology marketplace for over a decade now.  Their products are none not just for reliability, but for accuracy as well.  The Garmin 405, which is simply a device that you wear on your wrist, much like a watch.  And while it will not tell you where the nearest donut shop is, it will help you to keep track of all of your workouts. 

Since many people have a history of performing several different workouts that differ in intensity and distance in order to train – this device helps you to keep track of all of them.  You simply have to enter simple and basic information such as your distance, time, etc. and the Garmin will keep you up to speed.  And, all of the workouts that you create can be saved into your device so that you can use them time and time again. 

The Garmin 405 can act as your running buddy, letting you know when you need to improve your pace to stay on task with you goals and even gives you audible reminders about what you need to do, or what the next phase of your workout will be.  It will also help you keep track of time and can give you reminders when it is time to do different intervals of your training program to help keep you on task.  And, it is designed to keep you motivated.  Since you can tailor your workouts, and save information the Garmin 405 also helps to track progress in your running program so you know for sure that you are always staying one step ahead.


Another amazing function of this product, especially for tri-athletes is that with a few added accessories it can also be customized to work with your bike.  You can adapt a bike mount to your Garmin 405 along with a Cadence device and it will help you formulate and customize bike workouts as well.  This means that you can have the advantage of preloading both running and cycling workouts to keep you on pace.


One of the nice features about the Garmin 405, is that it can actually help and motivate you to reach long term goals.  By programming time periods and goals according to distance or time, the Garmin 405 will help to keep you informed of how far off your goals you are and what you need to do to achieve them.  This is perfect for the athlete who is planning to engage in timed activities or races.


It is important to understand however, that you cannot utilize the Garmin 405 in the water because it is not water resistant. 


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