Use of Social Media for Marketing

The rules of marketing have changed since the time social media has come on the world scene. Today there are a lot of companies and organisations who have either started using social media for advertising and marketing purposes, or will start using the same in the near future. These social media sites are mainly used for ensuring that the products or services are able to stay in the public eye and so that no matter where the customers are based on, they are able to penetrate the boundaries and reach them.  

Facebook is one such social media sites that have taken this opportunity seriously and has started big in the whole social media being used an advertising ground thing. Gone are the days when Facebook was looked upon as a social media site for college kids. Today, there is a paradigm shift in how people look at the whole Facebook advertisement thing, and there has been good movement in this field. Facebook is being used in an increasing manner by a lot of companies today, in a lot of creative ways for not just driving traffic to their own websites, but also for building up the image of the brand and the product or service that they have on offer to the people.

And it is not just that, these companies use Facebook for even getting feedback from current and prospective customers, while letting them know about any new product or service that they plan to launch in the near future. A lot of companies have benefitted from this use of Facebook and they have been able to gather new relationships with customers, while being able to understand what is it that their customers want or look for when buying their product or service. It is pretty clear that a clear and planned approach towards using Facebook or for that matter any social media website can reap good benefits for organisations in the long run, helping them in creating inroads into newer territories.

These social media sites charge these companies or organisations with advertisement rates, and in the same…

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