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Five young noble is’ foundation to build for, is a religious don’t also want to plot against to sing. All this, in fact is the baby in reality behind. Five people together, also do the composition of the way the majority.


The scope of the green light to cover only a few meters, but light like electricity, ghd australia a flash in the cover between sing to the head. The high singer cut divinesword move, the sword everbright filled seem to be between against, the sword has a light cover people out of the green light mist in the range.

But that the green light to a flash, but stood right beside the sing to help MeiQing qing shrouded in there. Between the green light to shine, layer upon layer of space barrier has been opened, a deep endless blood in space on the other side of the channel shining the light of eerie cold.

MeiQing your body a virtual, people toward it flew a past. Sing to the sword and light, but could not prevent the green light to change. But under, can only into a sword of light and MeiQing qing together into the space channel article.

A flash of green light is eternal,  the space of the formation of the channel space movements and died. And in the sword of the glistening sing light, leaves years several people although know wrong, but I don’t know what happened.

And the sword light lifts, and found that MeiQing and sing a has disappeared. Leaves years before the associate to space movements, immediately see what happens. Suddenly a anger, led by the blue garments youth way: “you are in murder”

The azzurri young sneer at a way: “but is touch, what murder by skulls, you don’t blather.” the azzurri young heart secretly proud, this does make this is regardless of the blood to pass a domain skulls, the ghost blood domain, has always been the mahayana and training method of the killing of travelling, dangerous and clinking. Even some mahayana and wreck a record of the among them.

Jade brand is the had been handed down in his skulls, up to seven…

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