USA TODAY’s 10 best TV shows of the year

Kelly Lawler


2017 was when television exploded.

The past few years have seen an unprecedented amount of TV content, mostly from new streaming services and channels getting into the game. But this year, television just kept getting bigger, with more series debuting than you could keep track of, and many current series pushing themselves to greater (and more expensive) heights.

But still, some series truly stood out in a crowded field. Here are our favorites, which take viewers from the musical streets of West Covina, Calif., to the afterlife to dragon battles in Westeros. 

1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend accomplishes, weekly, the remarkable feat of being the funniest, most empathetic and well-constructed TV series around, all while making room for original musical numbers in each episode. The CW series has always been strikingly ambitious, but the third season, which is spotlighting its protagonist’s mental health, has elevated it yet again.

2. The Good Place

Coming off a strong first season that ended with what could have been a show-breaking twist, the series has become sharper, funnier and smarter in its sophomore outing, at once a philosophical thought experiment and prolific purveyor of food puns. Its humor is vast, wordy and visual, and its performances, most notably from Ted Danson, are superb. 

3. Big Little Lies

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