US dollar impacts Trader’s investment in stock market

Traders are confused after having poor performance of Indian rupee. It decreases FII(foreign institutional investors) and DII(domestic institutional investors). US dollar always has demands among traders but USD creates tensions due to exchange in terms of INR. More USD exchange rates require more INR. It creates climate where every traders thinks what will be next move of stock market. Traders can’t easily decide what should be hedge funds due to vulnerable pace of stock market. News, rumors, global market updates decide market trend, and example S&P has decreased India’s credit rating due to poor performance of Indian economy. This news demoralized domestic investors and foreign investors. Traders think that there is scarcity of money, there will not be buyers and sellers.

US dollar is global currency for import and export. Importers generally hedge their risk by purchasing American currency against Indian rupee and exporters hedge their risk by selling dollar against INR. If it hikes then importer has to give more INR and exporter will get less $. It means, high dollar has positive as well as negative impacts on economy. But high USD always has negative correlation with traders who expect bullish market.  It has inverse relation with Nifty and Sensex. Whenever it hikes, Nifty goes down. It affects fifty stocks of Nifty, therefore traders get demoralized to invest money and sometimes they refuse trading. At present, market has unpredictable situation like sideways, up, down. Nobody can predict what will be market trend; it’s a pathetic situation for traders. NSE- indices represent different stocks and size of the company. Those firms have direct profit relation with external value of Indian rupees which have export and import business. Mostly reactions are reflected from IT, technology, knowledge based sectors due fluctuations in US dollar exchange rates.

Main issue with dollar ($) it behaves like an intermediary due to three way transactions in international transfer mechanisms. Our govt. pays US dollar for crude oil. When it is appreciated then we pay more rupees. Foreign education loans also get expensive.  Import of machinery, crude, weapons, air craft are decided by global USD exchange rates. But those are received their remittances by foreign currency, they enjoy its hiking.


Forward currency market was used for hedging exchange rate risk in customized way. But MCX-SX is playing a role of legal place where trading of currency like…

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