Upgrade Your Company with the Microsoft Partner Competency

A man is not an island”. This phrase serves to show that man’s survival depends on the help of others; that it is hard for man to do something all by himself. Much effort is needed to do things alone.

A group or team effort would make things easier. As they also say, “Two heads are better than one”. Even the business aspect recognizes this. A company that has good partners in business always gets to reap the benefits and gain the advantage over other companies.

With this in mind, Microsoft is giving a chance for companies to make Microsoft a partner in their growth. Having Microsoft as a partner, will make your company more operationally efficient and will have an increase in profit. Furthermore, it will strengthen your company’s capabilities, improve customer service, and build strong business connections to attain the company’s full potential in business. To make Microsoft your business partner you only need your company to apply and pass the Microsoft Partner Competency course to get your company certified.

  • Get the Edge – Competency makes your company stand out in the very competitive world of business. It is like a badge of honor to be proudly worn and displayed.
  • Make Effective Plans – Modeling tools for business will be given to make the planning of future investments more realistic.
  • Strengthen the Company – Microsoft’s technical support and training will definitely improve the company’s performance.
  • Creating the Demand – Why wait for an increase in demand for your products? With Microsoft’s support, your company can create the demand.
  • Increase Profits – Amaze and convince clients with powerful presentations. Software will also make your day-to-day operation more efficient.
  • Great Customer Service – Service advisories will improve customer relations.
  • Retain Clients – Competency will able to build a much stronger company-customer relationship.

There are two types of certification for the Microsoft Partner Competency. The…

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