University Of Massachusetts Lowell Integrates Third Party Data Sets In Partnership With HelioCampus

HelioCampus, a technology-enabled services company, has expanded their partnership with UMass Lowell (UML) after a successful cloud analytics pilot. The objective of the pilot was to better understand student mobility, establish peer benchmarks, and develop models to help predict admissions yield. By blending UML’s internal student data with external data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and National Student Clearinghouse, HelioCampus and UML created a robust data set that powered visualizations and predictive models to answer critical questions for the institution.

Increased visibility into what previously were institutional blind spots serves as one example of the partnership’s effectiveness and impact. “We’re now seeing a lot of things that, anecdotally, our colleagues have suggested to us are happening but we weren’t previously able to see. We’re also seeing a lot of things that no one had any idea were going on. Those are things that have really opened people’s eyes and, at the end of the day, helped us do our jobs better. At the end of the day, we want to figure out how we can serve our students better, and how we can make them successful,” says Julie Alig, UML’s Executive Director of Strategic Analysis and Data Management.

The UML team selected HelioCampus as a partner based on a few fundamental criteria including: an extensive background in higher education, an extensible and flexible platform, the inclusion of data science services as part of an annual subscription, and a belief that HelioCampus is creating a solid foundation to power future analysis across the institution.

“The complexity of the technology, combined with the need to move ahead rapidly, and the success of the pilot, really fueled the university wanting more. We chose to partner with HelioCampus as opposed to building our own solution because what they provided was probably where we would have been in three to five years. We couldn’t wait,” says Michael Cipriano, Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO, UMass Lowell. Lori Dembowitz, Associate CIO at UML adds, “working with HelioCampus gives us the opportunity to focus our efforts on having strategic discussions versus managing infrastructure and applications.”

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