Uniquely-Designed High Heel that Feels like a Sneaker Launches on Kickstarter

I started to pay attention to the construction of women’s shoes and I realized that it’s a total racket.

The team at Antonia Saint NY has re-engineered classic-looking flats and heels to mimic the comfort of sneakers on the inside. The New York-based startup introduced their innovative Victoria High Heel and Jane Autumn Flat on Kickstarter today with a $50,000 funding goal. The company is also offering a “Fit Profile”, which provides consumers with the opportunity to design a more customized fit through their Antonia Saint NY Fit Kit™.

“I started to pay attention to the construction of women’s shoes and I realized that it’s a total racket,” said Antonia Saint Dunbar, Co-Founder and CEO of Antonia Saint NY. “Either the shoe is overpriced without technology for comfort, or it often has cheap components like heel tips that snap off, leather heels that scrape easily, red bottoms that scuff and have no traction, or the shoe itself is intended to be cheaply made. Your feet pay the price. I knew there had to be a better way.”

After consulting with numerous shoe experts, including Brooklyn Shoe Space founder Keiko Hirosue, industrial designer and shoemaker Rebecca Heykes, and award-winning celebrity podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine, Dunbar developed and finalized the SoftSurround System™ to solve pain points around the foot.

Both the Victoria High Heel and the Jane Autumn Flat include an outsole design for maximum flexibility and shock absorption. Both shoe styles are cushioned with Tri-Arch Support™ and dual-layered foam which support the entire foot. While the side-cushioning comfort strips gently hold the foot in place to prevent blisters, the cushion at the base of the big toe prevents sharp pain under the big toe joint. Additionally, the high heel contains a triple-elevated cushion under the ball of the foot is designed to withstand two and a half times the body weight from a regular high heel.

Antonia Saint NY’s Victoria High Heel, which has a heel height of over 3.5 inches, and the Jane Autumn Flat are exclusively available in a variety of colors on Kickstarter at a discounted rate with free shipping. For more information, visit bit.ly/AntoniaSaintKS.

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