Underwater footage shows at least 20 blue sharks munching on dead whale – Orange County Register

The sharks took turns, one by one, feeding on the carcass of a dead whale floating on the ocean’s surface.

It wasn’t exactly what whale watchers who departed out of Dana Point expected to see — but it was a National Geographic-like sight that excited whale experts and nature lovers.

“It’s interesting because it’s the circle of life,” said Alisa Schulman-Janiger, a whale expert who was aboard the eight-hour charter to Catalina on Saturday, Dec. 30. “It was like a shark-watching trip.”

After navigating foggy conditions, Capt. Todd Mansur saw a speck in the distance on the back side of Catalina and after looking through binoculars decided it was worth investigating.

When the whale watchers approached, they saw the dead minke whale floating, half its body chomped away.

“We’re not positive what happened, it was likely attacked by killer whales,” Schulman-Janiger said. “It’s throat was eaten out and it’s tongue.”

Then, the sharks had their feast.

Frank Brennan, also a captain for Dana Wharf, put his GoPro underwater to see what kind of footage he could capture.

“I was surprised when I saw that many,” he said of the sharks. “In one frame, we counted 13 in one shot, and that’s just looking at the front. They were swimming all around. It was almost orderly. It’s not like a feeding frenzy … they’d swim up, take a bite, another would come up, then chew on it, then swim away. It was almost like they were taking turns.”

Fins were visible from above water, as were some of the shark’s faces as they sunk their teeth into the carcass.

“Something dies, something is going to eat it,” said Brennan. “This is what happens in the ocean.”

For Schulman-Janiger, it was the first time she’s seen a minke whale being eaten by…

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