Understanding the quality of tyres for your vehicles

The wheel of your vehicle needs a protective covering. The tyres do the same. These are the ring shaped covering that fits around the rim of the wheel in order to provide it a protective cushion by preventing the wheel from the shock and heat while it is in close contact to the ground.

How to determine the type and size of the tyre

The side of the tyres are represented with either letters or numbers, may be between its rim and tread that determines the size and type of the tyres. Most of the cars and truck tyres start with letter “P” which denotes that the tyres are for “passenger vehicles”. “LT” denotes Light truck and “T” denotes for temporary tyres that are designed for short distances.

Aeolus is one of the most renowned company with its largest tyre’s productivity in China. While in UK the company focuses on supplying tyres for trucks and other earth moving machineries. The company is specialized in providing tyres for commercial truck and bus tyres which includes Regional Haul, Long Haul, Mixed Services and City Urban as well Off the Road and Crane Tyres which includes Radial OTR and Crane. While constructing tyres it is always kept in mind that for which kind of vehicles, the tyres are manufactured for.

Passenger type tyres are manufactured for the four wheel types of vehicles especially for cars, but for the bigger vehicle that can carry heavy load, for those vehicles LT or A/T type tyres are fitted. Thesec are the perfect truck tyres. Passenger type tyres are manufactured for city work purpose that will produce low noise, ride comfort, high speed durability as well as comfort. But A/T or LT type tyres are constructed keeping in mind of puncture resistance, heavy load carrying capacity and having extended wear life.

Characteristics of tyres

Passenger tyres

• Shallower tread depth

• Reduced skid based gauge

• Thinner belt cord wire style with smaller number of belts

• Body ply cord thinner with smaller number of plies

LT ot A/T tyres

• Deeper tread depth

• Heavier skid based gauge

• Heavier sidewall gauge

• Heavier belt cord wire style with more number of belts

• Body ply cord thicker and more number of plies

Off The Road or OTR tyres are constructed for the vehicles like wheel loaders, graders, trenchers and other large mining trucks. These tyres can be either of bias or radial construction. The company Aeolus provide Radial OTR tyres that have following properties

• Wide as well as thick thread blocks • Having excellent…

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