Under Pressure Drilling : No Need to Shut Down Your Work

Freezing the pipe is not always the best solution for any kind of work because if we freeze the pipe we need to stop other work that is being conducted at that time. But with the help of Under pressure drilling which is popularly known as ‘Hot Tapping’ we do not need to stop our work that is being conducted at that time. This technique is great, isn’t it as we do not need to interrupt our work being carried in as hassle freeway, isn’t it?

Thus, Allied Pipe Freezing is that service provider in such cases who is able to offer their clients best services like under pressure drilling, i.e., Hot Tapping. This drilling process can be completed without leakage and without disruption in our work. This work can be carried out side by side with other works. Here, one does need to worry about excessive flow of water. What’s surprising is that normally when some pipe work is carried out, some level of water is flowed to some extent. But with the help of under pressure drilling you do not need to worry or even think about loss of flow.

What’s more convenient with this under pressure drilling is that it can be used in almost any type of pipe such as plastic pipe, iron pipe, steel pipe and even concrete pipe. With this drilling process you can carry out liquids even at high temperatures which are under pressure.

This under pressure drilling of the pipes without any kind of loss of flow is being carried with the help of their staffs, their technicians who use pre-fabricated 6″ Under Pressure Drilling Tee and fit it to a 10″ main at an industrial site, where as per the requirement that system is extended. After fitting and with the valve in the open position – the pipe is drilled to the maximum permissible size through the valve. On completion of the drilling operation the valve is closed, and the drilling equipment removed.

Then, finally in the last stage this under pressure machine is removed and a blank flange is fitted to ensure that no leakage can occur. They…

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