UNCF to Participate in the White House Summit on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

UNCF (United Negro College Fund) today announced that UNCF will participate in the Trump administration’s White House Summit on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) on Sept. 18-19.

Since its founding 73 years ago, UNCF has been making the case to all Americans of all political persuasions–every business leader, every Congress, and every president–that HBCUs play a critical role in our nation’s prosperity. Today, HBCUs are no less relevant than they were 150 years ago, graduating almost 20 percent of all African American graduates and generating 24 percent of all African Americans’ STEM degrees. They are producing the next generation of teachers, nurses, doctors, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs that our nation needs. That is why UNCF has been and continues to be fully committed to the advancement of HBCU policy priorities and to hold the Trump administration accountable for promises made regarding HBCUs and support of the African American community.

UNCF and other HBCU stakeholders requested that the 2017 National HBCU Week Conference, traditionally held in September, be postponed due to lack of progress by the Trump administration on policy initiatives that serve the best interests of HBCUs. The White House heeded this call and is instead convening a small group of HBCU presidents and leaders to have a strategic discussion with the administration about HBCU priorities, and UNCF-member HBCUs will be at the table at the White House.

UNCF has been a leading advocate for the value and values that our private HBCUs and indeed, all HBCUs, offer to the nation. Soon after last November’s election, UNCF sent to the president-elect A Memo to President-elect Donald Trump: Ten Ways to Invest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, which laid out a substantive 10-point plan in support of HBCUs. For further impact, UNCF also provided the new administration with Six Top Priorities for HBCUs for consideration by the administration, and we have provided the U.S. Office of Management and Budget a roadmap for short- and long-term investments in the federal budget for programs of particular importance to HBCUs.

UNCF and its member HBCUs will continue to advance these policy and funding initiatives with the Trump administration, including at this convening. This is vital, as the…

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