UN rips Venezuelan human rights abuses, orders opposition leader’s wife to court

A hard-hitting United Nations report on Venezuela released this week said the human rights situation in the socialist country is  “increasingly critical” for anti-government protesters, who are facing “mounting levels of repression” from that country’s national security forces.

The report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), released Wednesday, noted that the security forces subjected those detained, including children, to “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.”

“The first time I saw my family they did not recognize me because my face was so swollen and burnt by all the chemicals,” the report quoted one young man they interviewed as saying.

It said many of those detained “were severely beaten, including with sticks, metal bars, pliers, helmets, baseball bats and weapons all over their bodies including their genitals.”

Meantime, the government opened an investigation into the wife of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who is under house arrest, ordering her to appear Tuesday before a local court. Authorities on Thursday said they found 200 bolivars, about $60,000 at the official exchange rate or $10,000 at the black market rate, in her car.

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