Ubuntu For Android Phone Now Available

Mar 16, 2012 Android is moving ahead with the strategy to make Ubuntu Linux easily available across multiple devices. The Ubuntu for Android phone Now available and it powered the modern smartphones to act as a PC. This is normal thing that any Tegra 2 device has more advance CPU to compete successfully with older laptops and the additional upcoming quad core chips will put even more computing right into your pocket. So now you can use your android device as a PC. Adding a PC operating system on top of a mobile OS may seem a little counter-intuitive but it must be noticed that, Android and Ubuntu originate from the same Linux kernals so it proves more compatible than you think.

Ubuntu on android is brilliant with its simplicity. Infact it is so interesting that that you think that why they didn’t create it sooner. With this application, the full Ubuntu desktop OS will run on your phone, along with android because of both are powered by the same kernel. Depending upon the work one of the OS will take but one thing should be noticed that Android and Ubuntu will talk each other. So you can work with single contact lists, single email inboxes, single calendars and single set of documents instead of two of each item.

This new OS on Android , makes perfect sense for professionals and business users. This feature of android device can replace not only the business laptop and blackberry but also the day to day office computer. This new feature provide the better computing experience. Ubuntu on Android has the potential to change the game for everyone. Wait for the time when every hotel room is fitted with a wide monitor and a docking station and just plug in your device and your trusty desktop OS is there instead of checking your mail on your cheap android phones.

From many years “PC in your pocket” idea is in the market but not in the real sense but Ubuntu on Android can finally breathe life in the idea. So from now, smartphone reach the level of performance provided by a modern laptop. There are rumors like Android 5.0 jelly Bean that have dual boot capabilities and Microsoft wants new android phone to be a universal operating system and also apple is moving the same direction. They all are putting their full efforts to set Ubuntu in modern smartphone. So it seems that the new trend is clear and all the significant manufactures are trying to create operating systems that run consistently across screens of all sizes.

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