Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick stepped down as chief executive of the ride-hailing service, following intense pressure from investors, a company spokesman said on Wednesday.

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber’s first employee, Ryan Graves, is leaving his full-time job at the ride-hailing company. 

According to an email sent by Graves on Thursday, Graves will be stepping down as senior vice president of global operations in September to focus on his role as board director.

A source familiar with the matter at Uber confirmed Grave’s departure and provided the email to USA TODAY.

Graves will be staying on the board to help select a replacement for former CEO Travis Kalanick, who resigned in June after investors asked him to step down.

“My hope is that ensuring my transition is known and planned for well before our board’s decision on CEO it will help to make it clear to our team and to our new leader that I will be there to support however I can,” wrote Graves in the email.

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However, his departure from Uber comes after reports of crime and neglect.

According to The New York Times, Graves knew about a program called Greyball that was used by Uber to avoid authorities in cities and countries where the company was operating without permission.

Business Insider also reported that while Graves was overseeing the human resources department, Uber ignored reports of sexual harassment from employees. 

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Grave’s leaving might be the next step in Uber’s attempt to clean house after scandals rocked the company.

Here is the full email Ryan Graves sent: 

Uber team —


In the past 7.5 years of building Uber, I’ve learned so many different lessons, one of which is the fact that people who embrace uncertainty and change have the best grip on reality. In the middle of September, I’ll be embracing another big change on my journey with Uber and will transition out of a full-time operating role to focus on my role as a Board Director.

In every position I’ve held at Uber, as GM, then CEO, then SVP of Global Operations, I’ve focused on people and team. Uber’s launch, our rapid growth, and now global impact, are all a testament to the quality of the folks that I have had the pleasure of…