U.S. Security Associates Security Officer Braves Irma Without Relief

Our company’s resilience in the face of catastrophic disaster response is outstanding and credit goes to both Larry and Eric for steering our Florida and Texas teams through these horrific storms.

U.S. Security Associates, the market-leading and wholly-owned North American security solutions provider, maintained services in the face of Hurricane Irma. Security Officer Harold Russell braved the worst of Hurricane Irma for two days alone on duty.

When the Category 4 hurricane made landfall in the central Florida area, Russell was on watch for U.S. Security Associates (USA) at a client site in Deleon Springs.

He selflessly remained on site and took on a number of extra responsibilities to ensure the facility’s safety and security, when co-workers were unable to safely make their shifts because of storm damage.

The Deleon Springs site – staffed from the Orlando branch – is a secured facility and requires around-the-clock security, which Russell provided in the absence of any relief.

He made certain that the client’s property was safe and secure throughout Irma’s time in Florida. As the weather deteriorated, he remained vigilant, patrolling when able and reporting any damage he observed.

“Harold Russell went above and beyond the call of duty to preserve our client’s livelihood,” USA Site Supervisor Maj. Valerie Withrow said.

Russell’s dedication was not alone. USA’s operations team in Florida worked around the clock to minimize interruptions to services from the devastation that Hurricane Irma left in its wake.

As early as Monday USA personnel in Ft. Lauderdale were out helping to clear debris from the roads at client sites even as high winds and driving rain continued to pelt the area.

David Kahn, Chief Human Resources Officer for U.S. Security Associates said, “I’m proud to be on the team with the great group in Florida and Texas. Great job to Hank (Henry) Hiday, Larry Price, Eric Glasgow, and the branch managers, ops managers, site managers and Security Officers for doing exceptional work under tough circumstances.”

USA Southern Group President Henry Hiday also had high accolades for Area Vice Presidents Eric Glasgow and Larry Price, who lead the areas impacted by Irma and Harvey.

“It takes a tireless work…

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