U.S. Pizza Team Restaurants Host “Pizza with a Purpose”

United States Pizza Team Hosts Pizza with a Purpose to help hurricane victims

This team’s members are the first to give you the shirt off their back in competition and in life as well.

Members of the United States Pizza Team (USPT) are rallying together to help those in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. This natural disaster exceeded all predictions of strength and ferocity and displaced tens of thousands of Houston, Texas-area citizens from their homes. Members of the USPT want to help them by donating a portion of their pizza restaurant’s sales to the Houston Food Bank on Thursday, September 7.

Twenty three USPT members with a total of 36 locations have dedicated Thursday to raise money in the “Pizza with a Purpose” fundraiser. The members will donate $2 for every pizza sold in their establishments to the Houston Food Bank. The nonprofit was chosen to ensure that the money is used locally and benefits as many needy residents as possible.

“This team’s members are the first to give you the shirt off their back in competition and in life as well, which is exactly what we are seeing from the citizens in the Houston area and beyond,” USPT coordinator Brian Hernandez said. “This is what our team and our country should be about.”

USPT locations and members participating in Pizza with a Purpose include:

Panino’s Pizza (3 locations), Wrigleyville, Park Ridge and Evanston, Ill. – Gino and Lenny Rago, Bruno Brunetti

Flo’s Pizzeria locations (3 locations), Grand Rapids, Mich. -Dan Uccello

Mellow Mushroom, 2318 Lifestyle Way, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Bradley Johnson

Mad Mushroom (2 locations), Lafayette, West Lafayette, Ind. – Dave Sommers, Rick Wheeler

Dominic’s Italian Restaurant, Oceanside, Calif. – Tore Trupiano

Samosky’s Homestyle Pizzeria, Valley City, Ohio – Jason Samosky

Master Pizza, 9735 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg, Ohio – Michael LaMarca

Gelsosomo’s, 11319 Broadway,Crown Point, Ind. – Peter Anderson

Marabella Old World Pizza, 1898 Greenville Blvd SE, Greenville, N.C. – Massimo Mannino and Salvatore Passalacqua

Bricks Wood Fired Pizza Café (6 locations), Northwest Suburbs, Ill. – Giovanni Labbate

Dempseys Brewery Restaurant & Pub, Watertown, S.D. -Sean Dempsey


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