Types of Pollutions – How to Control Air Pollution

Types of Pollutions – How to control Air Pollution
Air pollution is a buzzing global talk now days. Global warming and weather effects causing drastic change in atmosphere have created hidden fear among the people and made them to think over the worst results of pollution, if not controlled within few years. Global environment summit meets frequently to analyze the causing effects of pollution with the environmental changes. The observations and facts gathered at different level is somehow amazing and dreaded, if the steps are not taken to prevent pollution on time. Governments are now conscious to prevent the pollution and save the earth from men created hell. Environment laws are prevailing now in majority of the countries that enforce every factory, production house or manufacturing unit to adopt new pollution control policy to make the air free from pollutants and that is the right of every citizen to live a healthy life. Various types of pollution equipments are utilized based on industrial application and types of hazardous gases and chemical wastage generated through industrial processes. Pollutions are of three major types like air pollution, water pollution and food pollution.

Air Pollution: It is generated in the air, if the gas consisting dust, chemicals and hazardous particles are released in the atmosphere without filtration process. Air filtration through various air equipments filter the pollutants and pass out the clean air/gas into the environment. Different types of air pollution control instruments like wet scrubber, dust collector system, centrifugal fan and blower, bag filter for dust particles etc are used in the process to filter the poisonous gas and particles to prevent them, mixing with the fresh air to cause the pollution.

Water Pollution: It is generated through water, if hazardous chemicals produced from factories are flown directly into the general stream of water or soil without the purification process of effluents. This type of…

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