Types of four wheel drive tyres

Four wheel drive tyres are one of the most important 4×4 Accessories that you can easily modify. Its all well and good to do modifications to your driveline and engine, but the tyres are the only thing that transfer the power and torque into momentum. If you have poor quality tyres, expect problems when it comes to quality traction. This doesn’t just affect your acceleration, but it affects your braking, steering and overall handling. In general, there are three types of 4×4 Tyres that are road legal. The first type of tyre is the standard tyre that almost all new four wheel drives come with – road terrains. These are bald looking tyres with tread that is very minimal and lacks any real aggression.

Moving up the ladder and you have all terrain tyres, which have some form of aggression, and usually much deeper tread. The last type of tyre is a Mud Terrain Tyre, which is extremely aggressive, with big lugs that are designed for throwing mud. Choosing the right type of tyre for your driving is extremely important. If you very rarely go off road, road terrains might do just fine. However, if you do more than a few hours of four wheel driving each year all terrains are your best bet. You will get more mileage out of them, and they have considerably better traction in almost every circumstance. Be aware that they

 Might make a little bit more noise, but they are going to save you money in the long run and that is nothing that a stereo can’t fix! Mud terrain tyres have the deepest tread and will often last the longest out of any tyres on the market. They can be incredibly noisy, however they are brilliant in all off road conditions (sand, snow and mud). They also tend to perform better on road in terms of traction, particularly in the wet. If you are regularly four wheel driving, mud terrain tyres are a great idea. However, be aware of the noise – if you don’t like noisy tyres then it’s a good idea to steer clear of them. By getting the right tyres you will…

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