Two Steps to Gain an Extra Hour Each Day


This is a tricky time of year for small business productivity because spring’s beauty is tugging at all of us.  Birds chirping, baseballs flying and flowers blooming are distractions that we crave and want to enjoy.  Yet, if we’re going to be successful business owners, we have to work, right?


Of course. But what if I told you that you could actually gain an extra hour each day to enjoy all that fun? When I first started my business, I worked a LOT. It didn’t take me long to realize that not having time for fun was NOT okay. Fun is a part of my weekly activities!


I suppose that that sounds like a wild claim to make, but here’s how it works.  Statistics show that on average people spend one hour per day looking for “misplaced information.”  Based on that fact, if business owners figure out what type of information they are regularly misplacing and address that problem, they can  gain time each and every day.


Step One: Evaluate How You Waste Your Time


Savvy business owners begin by evaluating how often they waste their time tracking down these items:


1. Contact information.  Do you have a system that allows you to accurately maintain your contact information?  Do you have a routine  for keeping the data up-to-date?

2. Receipts and expenditures.  How do you file your receipts?  How do you track the money you spend?

3. Office supplies.  Do you always have a pen, pencil or stamp handy?  Is your cell phone always charged and ready to go?

4. Paper files.  Can your paper files be converted into digital files?  Are there easier ways to store and catalog the information?

5. Inventory, marketing collateral, and materials.  Do you have a defined method for organizing and locating merchandise, marketing collateral or materials?

6. The next step.  Do you consistently find yourself pausing before diving into your next money-earning activity?  Do you have trouble identifying what should be done next throughout the day?



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