Twitter Asks Ann Coulter To ‘Get Over’ The Delta Airlines Issue

Ann Coulter’s row with Delta Airlines continued Monday with the conservative social and political commentator, who had criticized the airline on Twitter for changing her seat, later said she would have changed seats if the airline had asked her.

“I was sitting in the boarding area for 90 minutes. They could have called me up and asked me. I’d be happy to move for a soldier, an old person, a sick person, an air marshal, perhaps. I might even say, ‘Sure, I’ll move just cause this woman wants to sit next to her husband.’ But I’d like to be asked, and that didn’t happen,” Coulter told CBS News

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While Coulter faced criticism from Twitter users for her comments, she did not stop tweeting against the airline. In her latest tweet against the airline, Coulter posted a picture Monday, comparing the stock prices of Delta airline and Jetblue Airways Corporation.

The pictures showed the stock prices of Delta Airlines declining while JetBlue Airways showed an upward trend and the 55-year-old Coulter advised Delta to focus on customer relations. Twitter users however, lashed out at Coulter again, with most advising her to stop the feud.

“Don’t you have some eye of newt to throw in a cauldron somewhere? It’s $30. Get over it,” a Twitter user Ryan Graney wrote. Many other users also criticized Coulter while some just mocked her.

While Coulter tried to establish a connection between the airline’s behavior and its business, many Twitter users questioned her knowledge about the business itself.

The feud initially began when Coulter, in a series of tweets Saturday, had alleged Delta had given away her “extra room” seat without explanation to a woman she described as “dachshund-legged.” She continued her allegations the next day, comparing Delta employees to animal handlers, prison guards and officers of the former East Germany’s secret police, known as the Stasi.

Following Coulter’s criticism, the airline apologized and said it would refund the $30 she had paid for extra leg room. The airline also said Coulter was moved “inadvertently” to the window seat to accommodate other passengers’ seating requests.

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Delta however also criticized Coulter’s comments on Twitter, saying her “insults” about other customers and employees were “unacceptable and unnecessary.”

Following Delta’s response, Coulter then…

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