Twelve to Swim the English Channel

A team of six American swimmers and six French swimmers is preparing to cross the English Channel from Dover to France in a joint relay swim to mark the 100th anniversary of the arrival of U.S. troops in France for World War One.

“One hundred years ago, a generation of American and French soldiers met on the shore of France to work in common purpose,” said team captain John Kulewicz, noting the landing of the first U.S. infantry troops at St. Nazaire, France, on June 26, 1917. “We will swim with the common purpose of recognizing their bravery and teamwork and honoring the long relationship and promising future of our two nations.”

The swim will take place on the first good weather day between June 22-29, 2017. Following the rules of the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation, the team will form into two groups of six swimmers who will swim one hour each, in the same order of rotation, from Dover to the French shore. The swimmers may wear only a swimsuit, cap and goggles.

The name of the team is “Over There!” in honor of the popular song written in 1917 shortly after U.S. entry in the war. The swimmers have been training in various locations across Europe and the United States. The team members include:

  • David Arnold, American physician in neuromuscular medicine from Columbus, Ohio;
  • William Bonnet, a French sports coach from Nîmes;
  • Nicolas Costa, a French consultant and web designer from Aimargues;
  • James D. Curphey, an American lawyer from Columbus, Ohio;
  • Nicolas Derrien, a French firefighter from Lédat;
  • Alexandre Fleury, a French entrepreneur from Pérols;
  • Philippe Fort, a French aquatic center director from Senlis;
  • Eve Gaillard, a French marketing agency artistic director from Creil;
  • John J. Kulewicz, an American lawyer from Columbus, Ohio;
  • Richard S. Lovering, an…

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