TV’s First Transgender Sitcom Comes to the Screen

Poster image for “The Switch: Work Love Mortal Danger”

“It’s loud. It’s funny. And it’s full of trans people.”- Amy Fox, Showrunner

Bold new TV comedy casts five transgender stars, takes on Trump’s America.

“It’s loud. It’s funny. And it’s full of trans people.”

The first transgender sitcom in the history of television, “The Switch: Work, Love, Mortal Danger” is coming to iTunes, Google Play, Revry, and Amazon this summer.

Season One of The Switch follows the story of Sü, a trans woman who flees Trump’s America with the dream of coming out and restarting her life in Canada – only to wind up couch-surfing with her ex, Chris, an adorable ecoterrorist. What follows is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, as well as dodgy employment, dumpster diving, nosy cops, murdered oil lobbyists, sci-fi hallucinations, and a problematic boyfriend. It’s unashamedly geeky, defiantly hopeful, and proudly political, and above all, it’s funny.

The Switch is the first TV show with a transgender actor in the starring role, and the first to have a transgender showrunner – not to mention five trans and/or non-binary lead actors and similar crew. Its diverse cast stars pro wrestler Nyla “The Destroyer” Rose, political humorist Amy Fox, drag king Lindsay Coryne, thespian Vincent Viezzer, agitator Chance Kingsmyth, APTN star Andrea Menard, and heartthrob Kent S. Leung. The first season was directed by Jem Garrard of Artaban Productions.

“From fighting anti-LGBT bullying to building community to assassinating oil lobbyists, The Switch is TV’s antidote to the Trump Presidency.”

Showrunner Amy Fox and producer Ingo Lou run Trembling Void Studios. On their seven-year journey to create The Switch, they also…

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