Tulsa Divorce Attorney – How To Win Your Divorce

Generally speaking, there really are only two roads to take during divorce: the high road and the low road.  The high road consist of communicating with your ex, hiring a mediator, and trying to hash out the details of a final divorce settlement.  The whole goal of taking the high road is to negotiate a full and final settlement outside of court. 

With regard to the high road, we strongly recommend that you choose it if doing so is possible.  Taking the high road will shorten the length of the divorce process, it will ensure that your transition from living in a married home to living in a single home will flow smooth, and it will save you thousands of dollars on attorney fees.

Unfortunately for a lot of divorcing couples, the high road is not possible.  The impossibility is often caused by a break down in communication between the spouses, strong negative feelings like vindictiveness, and/or a lack of willingness to compromise on the part of both spouses.  If this is you, and the high road is not possible in your divorce case, then take our advice and read the rest of the article.

Our purpose in writing this article is to provide you with some tips about ‘how to win your divorce’.  Keep in mind, not all divorces turn into a redo of the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys.  In other words, there are different levels of ‘the low road’.  Regardless of the level of ugliness of your divorce, we recommend that you read the tips below and then apply them to your unique divorce situation.  These tips will be helpful to you on some level or another regardless of the facts of your situation.

Tip Number One:  Be Better Prepared Than Your Ex.  When we say ‘be better prepared’ what we mean is that you ought to do the following: make sure that your close friends and family members are able to assist you throughout the divorce process; make sure that your personal finances are in line so that you can afford to make the transition from living in a married home to living in a single home; and lastly keep detailed records about everything including communication with your ex, your personal finances, and your ex’s personal finances.

Tip Number Two:  Hire The Right Attorney.  Hiring the right attorney does not necessarily mean hiring the most expensive attorney.  For information about hiring the right lawyer, we recommend that you take a look at some of our other articles.   For purposes of this article we do suggest that you hire an…

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