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Now, to another major headline involving your money tonight. Your tax dollars being spent by cabinet members flying on jets. One of those cabinet members installing a $25,000 phone booth in his office. President trump was asked about it today, asked about how secretary Tom price and his expensive charter price, which are now under investigation. ABC’s Cecilia Vega reporting, it’s your money. Reporter: President trump today making it clear, he is angry with his health secretary’s penchant for private planes on the public dime. I’ll tell you, personally, I am not happy about it. I am not happy about it. What are you going to do about it, Mr. President? I’m going to look at it. I’m not happy about it, and I let him know it. Reporter: Secretary Tom price under fire for his luxury jet travel, costing taxpayers more than $400,000. An investigation now under way, and price says those high priced trips are on hold. We’ve heard the criticism. We’ve heard the concerns. And we take that very seriously and have taken it to heart. Reporter: But today, the president made it clear, price’s future is in question. Would you fire him, sir? We’ll see. Reporter: Three cabinet secretaries now under investigation for expensive travel. Treasury secretary Steve mnuchin accused of taking costly government jets over commercial flights, including that trip to Kentucky with his wife, where they viewed the eclipse. And new revelations about the EPA administrator. Scott Pruitt’s frequent trips home to Oklahoma, paid for by taxpayers, already under the microscope. And now he’s under fire for installing a $25,000 secure private phone booth in his office. Something previous administrators didn’t have. A spokeswoman says Pruitt, a vocal critic of the agency before he took the top job, needs the secure phone booth so his calls are not subject to hacking from the outside. Cecilia Vega with us from the white house as well tonight. And Cecilia, three cabinet sectarians under scrutiny here. And tonight, both parties are demand iing more from the white house? Reporter: Republicans and Democrats launched this investigation. They are focused on senior administration officials, and they want to see their travel records and the cost of those trips since inauguration day. Cecilia Vega with us tonight. Cecilia, thank you.

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