Trump-Kim coverage draws charges of moral equivalence

As President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un exchange barbs and threats, many high-profile media types and Hollywood entertainers have framed the back-and-forth like a battle of two heavyweight fighters.

“Kim Jong-un called Trump a ‘dotard.’ How harsh is that burn?” read a New York Times headline and tweet on Friday, one of several articles across various platforms that covered the Trump-Kim faceoff.

But others didn’t find it appropriate to pitch up the brutal North Korean dictator as if he were a rival athlete to the American president.

“This is actually a classic media tactic — moral equivalency,” said Dan Gainor, vice president of the Media Research Center. “They used it a lot during the Cold War, where America was depicted just the same as Communism, that ended up killing 100 million people.”

Among Kim’s more notorious atrocities are the ordered executions of defectors by pulverizing them with anti-aircraft guns, incinerating them with flame throwers, killing off close family members, and starving the entire North Korean nation while he continued to build up the country’s nuclear weapons program.

To Kim’s many critics, North Korea is run as a massive concentration camp. Which only raises more questions about how several media outlets framed the Kim-Trump story.

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