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Deep red state right now. Let’s bring in Jon Karl and John Avalon. Let me begin Jon Karl with you. The president tweeting he likes Roy Moore. This is a double blow on the single day he loses that primary, also loses the battle over health care. The president deleted several tweets where he was underlining his endorsement of string. A double barrel loss. One thing in common with both of these big defeats for president trump on the health care bill and in this Alabama primary in both cases he was following the lead of Republican senate leader Mitch Mcconnell. He was going with the Republican establishment. I think the lesson the president is going to take that’s not going to happen anymore. I look for him to be further divided from that Republican establishment on capital hill. That’s the lesson the president is going to take. John Avalon you’re liking to see more primary challenges to entrenched Republicans. That’s right. Roy Moore was seen as extremely conservative on every issue. This is going to cause more of a fissure. We saw Bob corker decline to run for reelection. This is a sign of things to come. The point Jon makes that trump got pushed with Mcconnell and he’s going to go with his base. Alabama is a long shot for Democrats. You can imagine they’ll use Roy Moore in other races across the country. Absolutely. This is somebody who has been a pro vac tore, someone who has been a culture warrior. The Democrats are putting forward a former federal prosecute. He has an interesting record and helped reignite the Birmingham bombings. Still a major road up him and the Democrats are going to be running against Roy Moore. Meanwhile the president hoping to unify the Republican party by moving on to tax cuts. Major speech in Indiana. This is a tough road. It’s a very tough road ahead. He’s going to once again have to work with the Republican leadership. George, I think on taxes you’ll see a different approach from the president. You’re already seeing indications of this. The president in a meeting at the white house yesterday made it clear he does not want to see tax cuts for the very wealthy. He pointed to two of his top aides who helped craft this…

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