Trump claims base is bigger ‘than ever before.’ Polls suggest otherwise.

The president marked his 200th day in office much like any other: watching television and attacking the media on Twitter.

“The failing @nytimes, which has made every wrong prediction about me including my big election win (apologized), is totally inept!” Trump tweeted on Monday. The New York Times did not apologize for its Trump coverage.

Trump claimed that despite polls indicating some of his core supporters may be growing restless, his base is “far bigger” and “stronger than ever before.” The president offered recent campaign rallies in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio and West Virginia as proof.

“Hard to believe that with 24/7 #Fake News on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYTIMES & WAPO, the Trump base is getting stronger!” the president added.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, just 33 percent of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing as president. The survey also showed that only 43 percent of whites without a college degree — a key voting group for Trump — approve, compared to 50 percent who disapprove.

Meanwhile, Trump’s job approval among Republican voters has dipped to 79 percent, the Quinnipiac poll found. And optimism among whites without a college degree is down more than 20 points since November. Gallup’s daily tracking poll has shown similar dips.

According to a recent poll by GOP public affairs firm Firehouse Strategies published by Axios, Trump’s support among his base is “dangerously low” — especially in the key swing states of Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and…

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