Trump answers reporters’ questions on Sessions, McConnell and Kelly Video

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Let’s give bonds from North Korea and now I feel my guys is that lots recovery here is a twenty minute that he average. Probably at least a dozen different topic I’m my notes here correctly I’m. On the we read on the up or down here and it’s not your loving yeah. Ago. It costs pounding. Topics everything end it was like I lots of questions from I mean you don’t she missed an electric vehicle we’re getting close. That’s athletic if you like to going to her notes or if ever let let’s talk about some of the comments about his own. Cabinet because this is a little bit of incited to how things are working. General Kelly got a bit of a name check that is Mike Pompeo with CIA director he was asked about Jeff Sessions and Alex and John want to take this first and everybody feel free to jump in. If it’s there and hasn’t this guy has no poker face right he’s basically that. Yet it it is what it is my relationship with sessions which is not exactly. A resounding endorsement. Now I mean but I gotta be honest with ya on the scale of where he’s been on Jeff Sessions we are at a one point five today compared to that 10100000. We’ve been getting for the at. I mean I mean saying that he has been disappointed in session that he never would immediately attorney general if he was going to accuse himself from the Russian investigation. To basically saying today you know it it is what it is we are are we are happy he’s going after the leaks but. Big difference from witnesses in I mean we were all looking I don’t think he talked about sessions with the technical nice if the little gentle actually one. That’s I was thinking if I’m Jeff Sessions and I feel more job security that I felt the probably and that’s a month. In another person that I did that these remarks. That the president spoke about that struck me. Was HR McMaster yeah we’ve we’ve been following this kind of back and forth between. The band in wing of the White House in the McMaster wing of the White House and there’s been some doubt there’s been some media reports that suggested that. He could be in hot water with the president but if I see now that the president had full confidence. All I…

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