TrueAbility Launches Blended Assessments, The Industry’s First Approach to Unifying Testing Methods into One Exam

Frederick “Suizo” Mendler, Co-Founder & CEO at TrueAbility

“TrueAbility…has simplified our testing process for exam administrators, while significantly improving user satisfaction and driving test completion – that definitely impacts the value of our certifications.”

TrueAbility, the provider of pure performance-based assessment services, today announced the launch of Blended Assessments, its new platform capability combining performance-based testing with multiple-choice questions (MCQ) into a single exam. TrueAbility Blended Assessments is the industry’s first approach to unify testing methods into one platform to better assess, grade and qualify a user’s knowledge and skill. Enterprises across industries utilizing TrueAbility Blended Assessments eliminate multiple platform dependency, increase conversion rates, enhance test fidelity, and improve user experience.

“TrueAbility is fundamentally paving the way of the future of assessment and testing, and how exams will be administered going forward in a computer-working world,” said Frederick Mendler, CEO, TrueAbility. “Based on extended conversations with customers regarding their pain points and how performance-based assessment could be of value to them, blending performance-based scenarios and multiple-choice questions opens a new dimension to certification and skill assessment that captures a much larger set of educational objectives that has never been offered before.”

One industry adopting Blended Assessments is IT certification and training. Chef Software, a TrueAbility customer focused on developer operations (DevOps), recently created a proprietary certification program for its developers that utilized separate exam portals, resulting in incomplete exams and administration challenges. To eliminate this break in the end-user experience, Chef deployed TrueAbility Blended Assessments to integrate both knowledge and performance assessment questions for test-takers to demonstrate Chef proficiency in real-world scenarios, carrying users through the certification path faster and easier.

“We were extremely eager to find a vendor taking an innovative approach to consolidating multiple test-items into a single environment and…

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