Tropical Storm Irma To Hit Atlantic: Will US Be Affected?

Tropical Storm Irma is expected to hit the Atlantic Ocean later this week. The National Weather Service (NWS) reported Wednesday that the storm is developing in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. There’s a strong likelihood that the storm will form into the fourth hurricane that has affected civilians this season.  

An area of thunderstorms brewing in the Atlantic reportedly has the potential to develop into a major storm in the next coming days and comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey. Harvey has caused massive damage to Houston, destroyed buildings and claimed the lives of 50 people. Celebrities and non-public citizens nationwide have given donations towards relief efforts like the American Red Cross

Irma doesn’t present an immediate threat. However, the storm will continue to be monitored. The tropical storm was reportedly located roughly 2,000 miles east of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies and approximately 3,000 miles southeast of Miami, according to USA Today. Irma, which has been maneuvering west at 13 mph, is expected to strengthen by Thursday or Friday.

“There is the potential to ramp up to a powerful hurricane in the coming days,” Dan Kottlowski, a hurricane expert, told AccuWeather Wednesday. “All interests in the eastern Caribbean will need to monitor the progress of this evolving tropical cyclone, especially next week.”

Irma’s impact over the United States is still unknown at this time. Weather experts say that it’s too early to determine what areas will be most affected, but there are several predicted possibilities. The Leeward Islands, the Caroline Island and Bermuda are probable targets for Irma, according to AccuWeather.

Irma isn’t the only storm civilians to which citizens need to be alerted. Another tropical storm is slated to form in the Gulf of Mexico by this weekend. The development of this storm would bring additional rainfall to parts of Texas upon development. The Louisiana coasts would also feel the draft of the rainfall. 

Tropical Storm Lidia is the third storm brewing that poses a potential threat. Lidia’s origins stem from the Pacific Ocean. The storm is expected to hit Mexico’s Baja Peninsula this week, according to NWS. Areas that will be affected include Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas, among others. Hurricane conditions from Lidia could affect the southern region of Baja California Sur as early as Thursday night. 

A tropical storm watch indicates that storm conditions could appear in as soon as 48…

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