Triseum and European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab Partner to Help Students Succeed

Triseum grew out of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University, which is why education will always remain at the heart of this gaming company.

“Immersive game-based learning is emerging as a force that positively impacts learning outcomes, and we are grateful for the opportunity to further research and expand the use of serious games,” said André Thomas, CEO of Triseum.

In an effort to create innovative instructional methods, European Schoolnet has teamed up with Triseum, its newest strategic industry partner for the Future Classroom Lab(FCL). FCL is an inspirational learning environment dedicated to finding cutting-edge pedagogies, technologies and learning designs. Through FCL’s network, Triseum will collaborate with policy makers, industry leaders, teachers and other education stakeholders to explore ways to create a dynamic teaching and learning ecosystem, specifically through game-based learning programs and initiatives.

“Triseum is the FCL’s first partner to have game-based learning as its core business, and along with its drive to improve student competencies and make learning fun and engaging, the company’s creativity and aptitude will be a real asset to European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab,” said Marc Durando, Executive Director, European Schoolnet. “Triseum’s game-based learning model engages learners in relatable and significant ways. We are excited to have Triseum’s team on board to help us explore and shape game-based learning for the benefit of our members.”

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, European Schoolnet works with 31 Ministries of Education members and FCL industry partners to visualize how conventional classrooms and other learning spaces can…

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