Trip to Solomon Islands- Better Than the Conceived Dream!

The expanse of salty treat in the south pacific regions is nothing short of a delightful escape to the dream land. After all, what dreams are actually about- they are stories of fun, freedom, freewheeling, leisure, calm, rejuvenation and fulfilment of spirit. When tired hackneyed city life is given the much needed getaway in such dreamlike places, it is a holiday. Solomon Islands are everything described of a sea beach-vacation dream.

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The Flight

Well, almost everything good start with flights nowadays. Don’t you agree? Here also, the case is downright similar. Boarding on a flight from Brisbane to Honiara, look out for the most luscious of the details of the place set as destination and the time will fly away without leaving a hint of exhaustion. The clouds outside the glass will fit in the dreams as if they are made for it only. The awaiting paradise is more than a curious nature lover, an appreciative underwater diver or a happy-go-lucky couple can have in for their short leaves. But isn’t it good all the same?

The Accommodation

Resting is never on mind, as the excitement overrides all the tiredness. The capital city Honiara is worth the travel one has done to reach here. Transportation sent by the already reserved Honiara hotel or resort is the best way to start experiencing the hospitality of the place, otherwise choosing a local transportation can leave the tourist with distinct good impression all the same. In the hotel, asking the management to plan an itinerary for the days a tourist is there on the island as they know best about making a good use of time there with help of their professional contacts of diving instructors, guides to the place, hikers, etc.

In there

Before being actually on the tour, there was whole lot of planning and researching done to make the best of the time in hand but this could be made even better by the hospitality and professionalism of the staff of the…

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