Travel in Style in Luxury Trains in India

India, the land of a million surprises under wraps will ensure a wonderful experience for any traveler. No matter whether you are here to explore its rich culture and tradition, soak up some fun time in its picturesque locales or indulge in the grandeur and beauty of the bygone days of the kings and palaces, India will never cease to inspire you.

Deep rooted in culture and tradition, India offers a wonderful experience for every genre of travelers. The geographical diversity, cultural richness and the warm hospitality of this great nation have always been highlighted as the principal factors that draw the tourists to India. However, exploring India at its best is easier said than done due to its sheer size.

Luxury Trains in India are probably the most enjoyable options to explore the mystical charm and beauty of India. There is a bevy of luxury trains that connect all the important tourist destinations in India including the palace of wheels, the Deccan odyssey and the Golden chariot among others.

Experience the luxury, and grandeur of a palace in the famous Palace on Wheels trips as you explore the vibrancy and colour of Rajasthan. Feted as one of the must see destinations in the world, Rajasthan is a land of paradoxes that would leave you bemused. From the endless expanses of sandy deserts to the magnificence of the red stone palaces and the colorfully attired local populace, Rajasthan is interesting and intriguing as a jigsaw puzzle, which will keep you well entertained till the last lap of your tour.

The Palace on Wheels will ensure a royal treatment to you. From an exotic dining experience to live cultural events, onboard shopping and visits to the important tourist sights in Rajasthan, the train offers a lot to its passengers. The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels will indeed take you back in time to the times of the maharajas. The train offers a popular itinerary of 7 nights/8 days tour to the important tourist attractions of Rajasthan including Udaipur,…

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