Transit spending: Readers weigh in

Editor’s note | We asked readers to share their thoughts about Seattle Times editorial columnist Brier Dudley’s recent Traffic Lab columns on regional transit spending and nonprofit transparency. Here is a sample.

Monitoring needed

There needs to be a public-advocacy group to expose and monitor Transportation Choices Coalition’s secretive and self-supportive activities. Having had the leader of a very large construction company (CH2M/Jacobs) that does Sound Transit construction on TCC’s board is clearly a conflict of interest.

Much more needs to be done to rein in this unregulated monster. It is a jobs program using naive taxpayer funds to defraud the very people it purports to serve. It will never collect enough rider fees to cover its excessive expenditures.

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John Verrilli, Seattle


Get cars off roads

Thank you for highlighting the impressive work that Transportation Choice Coalition has done to bring transit to the region.

I moved here two years ago and was shocked and appalled at how car dependent the Puget Sound region is, contrary to its reputation as a progressive stronghold. I’m so glad voters like myself have agreed to tax ourselves to pay for much-needed investments in transit and that watchdog nongovernmental organizations like TCC are following the cause closely for those of us who can’t dedicate as much of our time and energy to pro-transit advocacy.

Here’s hoping we’ll have congestion pricing and other carrot-and-stick measures in the near future to get more cars off the roads.

Gregory Scruggs, Seattle


Misleading public

Transportation Choices Coalition must immediately be made to register properly as a lobbying organization and must lose its tax-exempt status. It no doubt deserves to be fined as well for misleading the public. We taxpayers are being bilked.

Christine Ryland, Seattle


Fund education

As one of the 46 percent of voters who did not support Sound Transit 3, I found the report on Transportation Choices Coalition highly disturbing but also self-validating.

As a recent retiree, I am very concerned about what this will do to my property taxes, and for what, a system that is already outdated, and a likely dinosaur in 25 years when projected to be online? Even without delays and cost overruns (a hallmark of Sound Transit projects), those dollars would have been far better spent…

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