Transgender Man Gives Birth To Baby Boy In Portland

A transgender man birthed a baby in Portland this month. Trystan Reese and his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow, delivered their first biological child, Leo Murray Chaplow, July 14. Their baby boy weighed 9.5 pounds upon delivery.

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The couple reportedly tried to conceive a child last year, but Reese miscarried their first pregnancy just six weeks in. Their son’s birth was relatively easy this time, however, and doctors delivered the baby without complications.

“Leo’s the most delightful baby ever — he’s eating like a champ, sleeping well, and blessing us with lots of cuddles,” Reese, 34, told People Tuesday.

“It feels like an incredible relief for him to finally be here,” Reese continued. “We’ve waited so long to meet him, and worked so hard to bring him into this world, that it’s just a joy to be able to look at his face and hold his tiny hand and actually see him.”

Their baby boy isn’t their first child. Reese and Chaplow adopted Chaplow’s niece and nephew in 2011. Their older children reportedly bonded well with baby Leo, according to Reese.

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“Hailey has thrown herself into big sister mode with a vengeance, helping with feeding and entertaining him and even attempting to assist with diaper changing — with varying levels of success,” Reese said. “Riley is a little less interested in Leo at this stage, and is looking forward to when he’s a bit older and can play.”

He added, “It’s hard to believe it’s really real but it is! He’s here and he’s just perfect.”

Reese, born female, posted a video in March regarding his decision to give birth as a transgender man.

“I’m OK with my body being a trans body,” he said. “I’m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby.”

Reese decided to stop taking testosterone hormones to prepare for the pregnancy, he told CNN in June.

“We’ve been under medical supervision the entire time,” he said, “to make it as healthy and safe as possible.”

While the couple was subject to unsolicited criticism online regarding their decision to conceive a child, they have since received overwhelming support from Facebook friends. 

“We find that behind the shroud of anonymity, people feel pretty empowered to tell us what should happen to us, to our children, to our family,” Reese said. “The reason why you have a kid is because…

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