traditional Chinese medicine theories for losing weight


I am the door daily intake of sodium, 80% come from food or semi-finished products have been processed. Following these foods contain a lot of sodium, but was often overlooked. Do not want to get fat, then it would quickly look meizitang botanical slimming now!

1 chips. Packing a bag of potato chips contains 110 normal mg to about 340 milligrams of sodium.
2 luncheon meat. About 100 grams (half a can) on sodium luncheon meat staggering 2230 mg!
3 instant noodles. 1 bowl of instant noodles, the sodium content is –2,780 mg.
4 tomato pasta sauce. Only 50 grams of tomato pasta sauce is about 525 milligrams of sodium.

With the development of people’s living standard, the number of obese people becomes larger. It is very common to see high blood pressure, high blood fat, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases and the rate of those diseases tends to increase. There are many ways of losing weight right now. Traditional Chinese medicine theory is dialectic and will help lose weight effectively and healthily. Here meizitang will introduce some of traditional Chinese medicine theories for losing weight.

This may make you feel strange, but too much salt is how to make you fat, this is a case of you unknowingly took place in the process. The body will change too much salt and fat metabolism making the body a “habit.” Studies have shown that high-salt diet can promote insulin secretion, and excess insulin makes your body believe that the current shortage of sugar reserves, the result is that the body continues to reserves in accordance with the instructions of insulin sugar, and these excess sugars is will be converted into body fat, away. meizitang botanical slimming soft gel simply, the higher your body’s insulin, the more fat will be stored in the body, then imagine the weight will follow up.

And even worse, the salt will stimulate the secretion of dopamine in the brain, thereby affecting our brain “pleasure center” of the nerve transmission, you will feel very pleasant. You may also have this experience, salty foods will make people want to always eat a little, a little more. To some extent the effect is just like salty food the nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in the alcohol, always make you feel unable to stop. Thus, the high-salt foods will make you eat more salt and more salt, it means that with the accumulation of more fat will be down.

These high-salt foods to Shensi

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