Trade Ideas LLC’s Actionable Intelligence Enters 3rd Year Outperforming Benchmarks

Source: Trade Ideas LLC, A.I. Performance vs. Benchmark Indices, CY 2017 and WSJ Market Data Center.

Advisors and professionals have an entirely new way of not just talking to their clients about leveraging technology, but in generating alpha for their portfolio

The net return of the Trade Ideas’ simulated portfolio for calendar year 2017 was 56% after commissions in Risk-On mode. These results were achieved by the company’s A.I.-powered investment discovery engine named ‘Holly.’ The portfolio’s gross return, before commissions and fees, measured 85%. These results compare to the S&P 500, measured by the $SPY index, which earned a 21.7% return over the same period. Risk-on performance reflects a bias towards staying in the positions beyond reward targets while strictly adhering to risk targets for each trade. Unlike risk-off mode, where reward actions do not deviate from trade plan parameters and risk management rules permit exits earlier if existing profits erode significantly, risk-on mode carries all trades the entire day until the close. This mode is often present during days of momentum which typify the majority of trading days in 2017. Note that Holly’s risk-off performance for CY 2017 was 41%.

*Total trades, 12 months 2017: 3,686

*% Winning Trades: 54.3%

*Profit Factor: 1.37

*Sharpe Ratio: 3.65

*Benchmark Return, SPY: 21.7%

“We closed out a second year of results that far exceed our expectations and confirms the enormous value our machine learning A.I. innovation brings to the investment decisions of our clients,” said David Aferiat, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Trade Ideas. “On a quarterly and semi-annual basis, the A.I. outperforms market benchmarks since its inception January 4, 2016. This track record of performance bodes well as we position Trade Ideas into the model marketplace, where subscribers access the daily A.I. generated algorithms for actionable intelligence, but retain control and discretion to implement the trades according to their own decision process and leverage their own trading and rebalancing software. We’re unique in providing such results via an A.I. powered SaaS model.”

The maximum amount of alpha possible for Holly is the summation of all…

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