Top Health Professionals Talk About How to Compete and Win in Today’s Work Environment

“Blue light from your computers can contribute to digital eye strain and long-term health issues.” —Dr. Eric White, O.D.

GUNNAR Optiks®, the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of computer eyewear speaks to top performance professionals about the effects of blue light on daily performance and how to compete in the modern work world.

When it comes to professional athletes, being in tip-top shape is of the utmost importance. And it’s not just physical, but mental as well. For each of them, it is vital that they have sustained energy and focus all day, and not end up crashing sometime in the early afternoon. For average Americans, though, the divide between the healthy living of an athlete and their own lifestyle is pretty huge. Frankly, given how well-tuned athletes are, it’s baffling to comprehend why more people don’t adhere to their regimen at least to some degree in order to maintain their health. Granted, these million-dollar-machines spend an exorbitant amount of time training, but it’s so they can perform at 100% at any given moment. Shouldn’t we all want a similar result in our daily routines no matter how mundane? We really don’t have to reach for that third cup of coffee or over-priced energy drink to make it through because there are things we can all do to have athletic-like agility starting today.

In the corporate world, the most determined employees strive for success and getting ahead. Philosophically speaking, they’re just as determined to reach their goals as a professional athlete thus making them a corporate athlete. If they don’t get the job done quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly, there are hundreds of other qualified professionals lined up who can make it happen. Yet, for many, diet, exercise, and maintaining good health aren’t priorities, all of which affect their abilities and focus. This begs the question: why work so hard to succeed if you’re only going to cripple yourself the second you clock out for the day?


Our bodies all function throughout the day based upon on circadian rhythm. Simply put, your circadian rhythm is your body clock, which is telling you when to wake up, and when to get tired and go to bed. There are many factors, which can positively…

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