Top ‘Dancing With the Stars’ couple Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold reveal their winning strategy

Fans watching this season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” might want to keep an eye on Jordan Fisher and his pro dancing partner Lindsay Arnold.

Last night, Fisher and Arnold were tied with two other teams for the top score, and on the season premiere of the competition, they managed to tie for first place with the highest score of the night, despite dancing the tango.

“That is the style I dreaded the most going into the competition and we did it the first night,” Fisher told ABC News.

With Fisher’s busy singing and acting career, fitting in practice was a challenge. When asked when he finds time to breathe, Fisher joked, “I have a machine for that …. and coffee, lots of coffee.”

The 23-year-old, known for his roles in “Grease: Live” and “Hamilton: An American Musical,” said he had been asked to participate in the competition previously, but could never make it work with his schedule.

“I spent more time on a plane, than on the ground,” he said.

James Okungu/ABC News
Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold from season 25 of “Dancing with the Stars” talk about their experience on the show on Sept. 9, 2017.

But when he joined the show, Fisher knew who he wanted to pick for a pro partner; he’d been a fan of Arnold’s since she competed on the show “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The two said they quickly bonded after their first meeting and already have a team handshake.

“We came up with that a little early,” Arnold told ABC News with a laugh. “Probably before we even finished the tango.”

Arnold has come close to winning the coveted mirror ball trophy in the past several seasons. Last season, she and her partner, retired Chicago Cubs pitcher David Ross, got to the finals, but took second place to Rashad Jennings and his partner Emma Slater.

Though they made it clear they’re truly in it to win it, the couple said they don’t see their fellow castmates as competition.

“It’s about falling in love with the people that are on the show, and truly rooting for them no matter what they go through,” Arnold, 23, said. “We all root for each other, and we all watch each other progress. And we see that, I think, even more than America gets to see, because we’re all together pretty much every single day of the week.”

ABC News spoke to Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold the day after their debut on “Dancing With the Stars” and found out what goes on behind the scenes, their winning strategy and what people might be surprised to learn about…

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