Top CES tech reveals include robot dogs, foldable television

LAS VEGAS — Who let the dog out?

Sony rolled out a much cuter — and more sophisticated — Aibo robot dog on Tuesday, and it came off acting and moving a lot more like a real canine.

The Japanese electronics giant retired the original Aibo in 2006 and went back to the lab to develope a 2.0 version.

The one displayed at CES 2018 here has a new design that features expressive LED eyes and a vastly expanded range of movement, and is able to learn new tricks through real-world training.

It is currently available only in Japan but for roughly $1,760 and, perhaps, a little Web magic, you can be the coolest person at the neighborhood dog park.

Even strippers’ jobs may not be safe from the robots.

A Las Vegas jiggle joint has installed a pair of mechanized pole dancers to bump and grind on stage for computer nerds who wander over from this week’s CES technology bash.

The robot strippers had tip buckets at their feet with signs saying “MIT bound” and “need money for batteries.”

“Come watch sparks fly as the Robo Twins shake their hardware and leave everyone wondering if those double Ds are real or made in ‘Silicone’ Valley,” the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club said in an announcement, inviting tech geeks to ogle and salivate over the stiletto-heeled cyborgs.

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Alexa, Alexa, Alexa.

Throughout the convention center, here, Amazon’s popular home assistants seem to be everywhere — on PCs, in cars and refrigerators, and around every corner.

Google, fighting the Alexa tide, has partnered with several gadget makers to get its Home Assistant out and about.

One of Google’s deals was with Lenovo, which introduced a Google Assistant-enabled speaker with a touch video screen.

Though not technically a part of the Google Home line of products, the Lenovo Smart Display is a strategic partnership that will allow Google to battle Amazon’s Echo show.

And unlike Alexa, the Smart Display will be able to play YouTube. Google has not licensed the channel to rival Amazon.

10-inch Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant.Reuters

Add washing your clothes or cooking dinner to the tasks you can control with your Apple Watch.

Whirlpool introduced a collection of 20 washers, dryers and ovens that can be controlled from the popular smartwatch.

So if you’re out and about and running late, you can shut off that oven so that you don’t burn dinner.

No price information was released with the products.

An Apple Watch is displayed in front of a new…

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