Top 5 Hen Night Locations in Europe

Hen night is one of the most prestigious moments of a girl’s life. It is way for a bride-to-be to enjoy her last days of freedom, and at the same time it is a great excuse for girls to party all night long. Generally, the hen night parties are held a week or two prior the wedding and the celebration could last for few hours, a whole night or perhaps a complete weekend. But no matter how long the celebration lasts, for future bride it serves as the last night of freedom and singlehood as she is about to enter a whole new world full of responsibilities.


The hen nights are generally celebrated in countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Australia as well as Ireland, where they are considered as one of the glorious nights for future bride. Being the most precious moment, girls would like to make it extra special and full of excitement in the best possible way. The hen nights are meant to be full of excitement and fun, allowing the future bride to enjoy, cherish and remember the glorious moments forever.


The preparation starts with the planning and selection of range of activities that girls would like to have. Not to forget that the hen party celebration gives the opportunity to future bride to do whatever she always wanted to do in her life; anything that can make her happy, laugh and feel good. This is one of the reasons that all the girls select the line of activities circling around the hen, which she loves to enjoy. It could include anything starting from theme dance party, beer challenge, games, variety of cuisines, etc. and almost everything and anything that could bring joy to the future bride.


Once the list of activities is finalised the next best thing is to select the perfect location for hen night that features all the listed activities. Europe is one of the many great places that offer perfect ambience for the hen night celebration. Europe has many great destinations which prove to be perfect for any hen party celebration, and girls may find it difficult to make their choice. Hence, below are the top five venues for hen night celebration in Europe.

1) The list starts with Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Tallinn features a range of places to visit at night. Besides, the place is comparatively low priced (especially for beer). Most importantly, roaming out in Tallinn at night is a great way to entertain.

2) Dublin lies in the second place in my list. Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, and hens love’s this place. Dublin…

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