Top 5 Fitness Myth Debunked!


Majority of people around the world do not have the right information regarding fitness, be it in Sydney, California or anywhere else. To get ultimate fitness experience, it is essential that you have the right knowledge. Just like other areas, you will also find many myths associated with fitness. To help you go in the right direction of achieving improved health, we have debunked some myths that are believed by general people. In this article, we have provided top five myths that you must know about.

1st Myth: Stretching Reduces Risk of Injuries

This is one of the most common myths that are prevalent among exercisers. There is no scientific proof that if you stretch before any exercise, you can reduce the risk of injuries. However, there are many advantages that you can avail, when you opt for stretching. The blood flow improves and your tired muscles get renewed energy. Joints can be benefitted in more ways than one when you stretch. So, you can get many benefits if you follow this routine. will provide you more information on fitness benefits.

2nd Myth: Working Out in the Morning is better than Evening

You need not believe that working out in the morning will provide you better results than in the evening. Even if you exercise at any time of the day, including evening, your metabolism will improve significantly. But what is necessary is that you need to work out whenever it’s possible for you. So, if you want to improve your Group fitness Training in chatswood or anywhere else you reside, you must make it a point to exercise whenever it’s suitable for you.

3rd Myth: Women should avoid Resistance Training

This is another myth which is prevalent among women. It is believed that resistance training will make women bulkier. However, in reality this is not true at all. On the contrary, with strength training women can improve their strength considerably. This will be enough to tone your muscles, which will help them to improve their body shape. Due to low testosterone level in women, it is impossible for them to have bulging biceps like men, unless they push steroid externally.

4th Myth: Same Amount of Calories is burnt during Running and Walking

Walking and running can NEVER burn the same amount of calories. If you run for a mile, you are bound to burn more calories (around 40 percent more) than what you would have burnt while walking the same distance. Walking is definitely good for your health, but if your goal is to…

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