Top 5 Best Places to Go on Your Holidays to South of France

There are many excellent vacation spots around the world, and that applies to South France as well. Here are a few destinations those looking for the perfect South of France holidays might want to check out:

Pont du Grad:

This is a monument constructed by the Romans between 50 and 52 AD. Individuals that are keen in history and ancient cultures will be impressed by this amazing aqueduct which functioned until the third century but was later abandoned. Now, the historical site is protected by international laws and can no longer be used. However, it can be visited by anyone who’s eager to find out about ancient civilizations.

Avignon – Le Palais des Papes :

As well as being a symbol of Provence, this city is also a marker of religion. In the 14th century, the Vatican decided to relocate from Rome, so they changed the capital to Avignon. This typical southern French region holds one of the greatest Gothic palaces, a vast building that seems to breathe history that is well-known for its’ majestic architecture. Along with historical sites, Avignon is also known for its tranquility. Rich in agricultural products, wine and lavender, this destination is bound to satisfy anybody’s needs for relaxation.

Saint Tropez:

Saint Tropez villa rentals are a good option for those who can afford to enjoy the finer things in life. With its’ sunny beaches and wonderful resorts, St. Tropez seems to be the greatest attraction on the French Riviera since the 1960s and Brigitte Bardot’s years of glory. Even though it is indeed among the most amazing cities in the world, the price of a cup of coffee can ruin a budget. So before going on an adventure like this, people should do some calculations and make sure they can afford it.


Nimes is also a famous destination, particularly because it combines a serious dose of history with a healthy dose of modern entertainment. Nimes was constructed during the Roman period and suffered a decline during the Dark Ages. However, the local economy thrived along with the invention of nicotine and tobacco and since it is near the sea, it benefited from a huge amount of maritime tourism. For anyone who’s taken an interest in shopping, Nimes provides wonderful artisan’s shops along with boutiques and libraries, which are perfect for buying that souvenir for a grandmother or an aunt.


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