Top 4 Signs when You Need To Change Carpet

Despite all the cleaning and carpet maintenance you’ve done, you will eventually need to change them as carpet is not made to last a lifetime. Some carpet can last for few years, while some can last for decades, depending on material quality, how the carpet is used and maintained. Below are some common signs to help you identify when your carpet is telling you that its lifespan is reaching to an end.

1. Your Carpet Is “Balding” When you start finding patches of the carpet matted down or bald due to constant traffic on the carpet, it’s time to start getting quotation for carpet replacement. Carpet that is worn out also tends to be less soft when you walk on it thus reducing the comfort feeling. Synthetic carpet made of Olefin is known to flatten faster than other materials and attract dirt easily because of its inherent oily nature. This type of carpet material typically needs replacement more frequently than the costlier material like those made of Nylon which is more stain resistant and do not mat down as easily.

2. Your Carpet Is Badly Damaged Some stains on carpet are impossible to remove despite after numerous professional cleaning because the nature of the stain could be those that integrate into the fibre easily thus become permanent mark. When your carpet is not only badly stained but also torn because of wear and tear, no amount of professional cleaning and repairing can salvage its frail condition.

3. Your Carpet’s Padding Has Worn Out When you start hearing crackling sound when walking across the carpeted floor, or when you notice uneven carpet tiles, it could be the carpet padding voicing out requesting to be replaced. The padding is needed not to provide additional comfort or cushion to the feet when walking on the carpet. The padding serves as additional protection to absorb impact from our feet when walking over so the carpet will not wear out quickly. The padding is typically replaced together with the entire carpet. But if your…

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